Weight loss salon use portable 360 ​​degree fat removal pdt cooling system vacuum cryolipolysis machine price at home

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Weight loss salon use portable 360 ​​degree fat removal pdt cooling system vacuum cryolipolysis machine price at home
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Number of Handles: Dual Handle
Vacuum Pressure(Kpa): 10-80
Treatment Temperature: -12℃~-45 ℃
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: CR-CRYO05
Nom de marque: CHERRYBEAUTY
Feature: Weight Loss, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: For Commercial
Technology: Cryotherapy Vacuum Fat Cavitation
Function: Body shaping, Weight loss
Feature 1: 2 different size handpiece
Cooling Temperature: 5℃ to -12℃
Heating Temperature: 35℃ to 45℃
Need use with: Antifreeze membrane
Cooling liquid: pure water
Certification: ce, ISO13485
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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Nom de marque: CHERRYBEAUTY
Certification: ce, ISO13485
Model Number: CR-CRYO05
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Salon use 360 degree fat removal portable pdt cooling system vacuum home cryolipolyse machine price

Product Description

Working Theory:

Cryo is a new non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body.
As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures, it uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat.

A number of methods have been attempted for lipolysis including the use of laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency electric current, since cryo was developed appling cooling to tissue, was approved as the most effective way to fat reduction.
This revolutionary new idea of dissolving fat, which is approved as an important technology progress in fat reduction since it is put into use.

Cryolipolyse head (Temperature: -12 °C~ 5°C):

The use of non-invasive method of operation, accurate transmission of "frozen" to the body fat accumulation position, targeted to eliminate stubborn fat cells. It is moted that adipocytes are more susceptible to freezing than other surrounding tissues, adipocytes are solidified and decomposed, and other cells near the fat cells die at zero and can safely eliminate fat cells that do not damage the skin and adipocytes around the tissue.

Treatment ranges:

1. Body shaping, fat dissolving, repel the cellulite.
2. Lymphatic drainage, promoting metabolism & blood circulation.
3. Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.
4. Tightening skin, strengthen skin elasticity, skin lift.
5. Clear belly wrinkles, especially the stretch marks.
6. Complementing the collagen, skin rejuvenation.

Machine Advantages:

(1) 8 inch colorized touch screen control, simulation modeling of dynamic 3D interface, human-computer interaction design unique, simple, and convenient operation;
(2) The utility model has the advantages of comfort and labor-saving, convenient operation, and exquisite appearance, according to the design of human engineering;
(3) Patent design of separation technology, through the warm-up of the skin before the refrigeration, fat-soluble design, can effectively prevent the skin in a long time below 5 degrees Celsius;
(4) Exclusive development of freezing point reduction and surface-active dosage form antifreeze film, can effectively prevent frostbite;
(5) Automatic water adding and monitoring function, the air pressure in the comb passage can be filled with a water tank and hand channel at one time;
(6) Automatic cleaning and monitoring function to effectively clean the sediment of the hand pipe and protect the core components of the gas path to avoid damage;
(7) The Omnibearing stereoscopic intelligent monitoring system can monitor the water level, the coolant flow rate, the liquid level of the cooling system, the filter level, and the air pressure of the two-channel hand system in real-time;
(8) Intelligent alarm system, through monitoring the system feedback data processing, analysis, and processing, quickly and effectively respond to the abnormal.

Technical Parameters

Product Name
Cryo fat removal machine
Insurance specifications
Rated power
Negative pressure
35 ° C to 45 ° C
red light (630nm) blue light (470nm) 50mW*4
pure water or special coolant
5 ° C to -12 ° C
Input Power
AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
64cm * 44cm * 64.5cm

Effective Results

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Company Information

Guangzhou Cherrybeauty Technology Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment. Our company has got independent import and export rights. Thus, we can distribute all kinds of beauty equipment to clients globally. Our main product have got European CE, ISO9001:2001, ISO13485:2003 and other certifications.

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